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DIY Peppermint Liquid Hand Soap

The beautiful feeling of clean from castile soap and making your very own handmade liquid hand soap is an amazing feeling!

This is the best DIY liquid hand soap under the sun and, at the same time, creating an all-natural product for your home!

Are you tired of using chemical hand soaps? Here’s a way to safely wash your hands in the kitchen or in the bathroom! It is super easy to make and helps prevent diseases and germs. I use Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap because they support animal rights and stand for the reduction of animal suffering.  The health benefits are also astonishing, Dr. Bronner’s will hydrate your skin giving you a gentle cleanse without the toxins, and is also good for sensitive skin as well. The second product I use is Joboba oil which is high in antioxidants and Vitamin E. The third product I use is Vitamin E oil.  I put Vitamin E oil in almost everything I make that goes on the skin. Vitamin E oil is free from sulfates, parabens and phthalates. I add peppermint essential oil for a fun, energy boosting and refreshing scent to use (you can also use lavender essential oil). Lastly, we add plain ole distilled water.


1/4 cup Dr. Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soap

1 tsp Jojoba oil

1/4 tsp Vitamin E oil

35 drops Peppermint Essential oil  (can also use any kind of essential oil of your choice)

6 oz Distilled Water (you can purchase this from your local grocery store or convenience store)

Foaming Hand soap Pump Dispensers


Take the Pump dispenser, add Dr. Bronner’s Castile liquid soap, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E oil, and essential oil of your choice). The last thing I add is the distilled water(leave a little bit of room on the top)  then, shake the contents gently. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do. E-mail MzchandlerLLC@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.