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Happy New Year to All Direct Sales Companies!

MZ Chandler LLC

I always had a desire to own my own business ever since I can remember.  So, I did that through joining Multi-Level Marketing companies (MLM) or otherwise called direct sales businesses like Avon, Mary Kay and Amway!  I have to say, MLM’s  get a really bad rap these days.   I learned so much about business by joining direct sales companies (MLMs) because you have a mentor who helps you get started and you have something to use your creative skills in building the business up in your way and at your desired speed.  I want to thank all direct sales companies for providing the structure, guidance and opportunities for anyone who has drive to own their own business. Thank you to ALL direct sales companies from the bottom of my heart!!  Best of all, they provide AMAZING products! Happy New Year to all direct sales companies! May everyone accept and support the greatness you provide the world!